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Cacao Tea

Cacao Tea

Chocolate is god's gift to humans. It's one of those amazing flavors that just makes you feel good. The problem is most chocolate products are filled with sugars and have too many calories.

This is where cacao tea is different. It's brewed using all-natural cacao husks, also known as cacao shells, so you get all those great chocolate flavors, without the added sugars or syrups.

It's a simple drink — you just infuse hot water with cacao husks.


Cacao tea is a guilt-free, gluten-free, and caffeine-free way to satisfy that chocolate craving.

Not only does it taste fantastic, but it's a healthy drink.

Cacao has many health benefits; however, because most chocolate products are filled with sugar, you never notice them. But by drinking cacao tea, you can provide your body with many of the nutrients it needs, all while enjoying a satisfyingly warm drink.

The history of chocolate tea

Cacao tea (also known as chocolate tea and cocoa tea) was first discovered by the ancient civilizations of central and south America thousands of years ago.

The Mayan and Aztec civilizations drank cacao tea for its incredible mood-boosting properties.

When the Spanish explorers came to the new world, no one had ever heard of chocolate. So when they tried it for the first time, they were amazed and quickly started trading for it with the native central and south Americans.

Colonial Americans

In the 1700s, hot chocolate was just as popular to drink as coffee and black tea.

Our forefathers drank a mixture brewed from the cacao bean itself, specifically using the husk. It was a similar recipe as the one used by the original Mayans and Aztecs.

Not much has changed in the production of cacao tea.

Our cacao tea is made from loose-leaf cacao husks, which surround and protect the bean. We use only the highest quality cacao husks.

hot chocolate

It's delicious

Cacao tea provides a delicious experience with a rich dark chocolate flavor and aroma.

A unique and exciting alternative to other teas, cacao tea is brewed like any other loose-leaf tea. However, it produces that chocolaty smell that will get everyone curious as to what you're drinking.

It's like having a delicious piece of dark chocolate while relaxing with a soothing cup of warm tea. And you can rest assured knowing there are no calories and that you're giving your body many of its essential nutrients.

None of the sugar, all of the chocolate

Cacao tea is the perfect alternative to coffee, hot chocolate, or any other morning drink that is high in sugar or caffeine.

There are no additives in cacao tea, and there aren’t any calories that you need to worry about.

But don't let that fool you. Our tea has a natural sweetness and an irresistible taste and aroma. Cacao tea is perfect for lovers of chocolate, tea, or coffee who also care about their health.

The health benefits of the cacao bean

Multiple studies have shown that cacao is full of health benefits.

Cacao is naturally rich in antioxidants, flavonoids and the natural compound called theobromine.

Theobromine is a natural compound with a ton of health benefits. It gives you a gentle energy boost while also providing a relaxing experience.

This leads to improved brain function, decreased blood pressure, and better digestion and circulation. 

Cacao tea can help boost your mood and energy levels.

Better Mood and More Energy Without Caffeine

Many of us are addicted to caffeine. Unfortunately, that can have some bad side effects, from anxiety to headaches. And quitting an addiction will often lead to an uncomfortable withdrawal.

Wouldn't it be nice to get a boost of energy without the side effects? Well, that's where theobromine comes in.


Cacao tea doesn’t contain caffeine. Studies have shown that cacao is high in a natural compound called theobromine, which is an important compound that can help keep the brain and heart active and stimulated.

Theobromine is a natural stimulant with a smooth slow-release effect. If you love tea but don't want to deal with a crash, theobromine would be an excellent alternative.

How to Make Your Cacao Tea

It’s very easy to make cacao tea and requires almost no prep time. While you bring water to a boil, measure out two to three teaspoons of cacao husks. Generally, you'll want to add two to three teaspoons per 8 oz. of hot water. Steep for five to seven minutes, stir occasionally, and then enjoy.

Feel free to add more or less based on how bold you want to make it. You'll taste a hint of hot chocolate, but really it has its own unique rich flavor.

Drinking cacao tea and other ways to enjoy cacao tea

While one of the benefits of cacao tea is that you can enjoy it without sugar or syrups, it's also very enjoyable with those ingredients.

Other ways to enjoy cacao tea:

  1. Try adding a pinch of cacao husks to your coffee grounds.

  2. Add something sweet to it. A calorie-free sweetener like stevia or something organic like a little honey can really bring more of those flavors while hiding some bitter flavors.

  3. Adding some fats will also bring out some great flavors, try adding a splash of milk, coconut milk, or almond milk.

  4. Cacao pairs well with other spices too. Feel free to add cinnamon, nutmeg, and bay leaf.

Depending on your tastes, you may end up inventing your own unique cacao tea recipe.

It's a must have

No matter if you're a seasoned veteran of tea or someone who knows next to nothing about it, cacao tea ought to be part of your pantry. There's nothing quite like a warm cup of cacao tea on a cold day.

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