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How to make sun tea

How to make sun tea

It's hot and sunny outside, and you want a refreshing drink but don't want to drink sugary sodas or sports drinks.

And we all know that drinking more water is good for us, but it can be hard to stick with this habit.

Gold River Trading Co iced tea is the answer. Unlike sports drinks, vitamin-enhanced waters, and sodas, our iced tea is healthy for you. It contains 0 calories, 0 sweeteners, and 0 sodium. Our teas are all-natural and made for brewing.

Our drinks offer the perfect splash of refreshment for work or play. Enjoy those sunny days and Gold River Trading Co. Iced Tea to make a delicious pitcher of sun tea that's both refreshing and healthy.

How to make sun tea

Making sun tea is a fun and easy way to beat the heat during the summer months. All you need is a few simple ingredients and some sun! Here's how to make sun tea in just a few easy steps.

1. Gather your ingredients (water and tea bags). You'll need some tea bags or loose-leaf tea, sun (preferably a nice sunny day), and water.

2. Fill a large glass jar or pitcher with water and place it in a sunny spot outside.

3. Let the sun work its magic!

Allow the sun to steep the tea in the jar for about 4-6 hours, depending on how strong you want your sun tea. You can also adjust the time based on the intensity of the sun.

4. Once your sun tea is ready, you can serve it over ice and enjoy! It's a delicious and refreshing way to cool off on a hot day.

Is sun tea safe? How to make it safely

While many people enjoy sun tea, some safety concerns should be considered before brewing sun tea.

Sun tea can become contaminated with bacteria if not prepared properly. It's important to make sure your water is clean and sanitary and that you use fresh or boiled water, which will kill bacteria, when making sun tea. You should also avoid adding milk or sugar to sun tea, as this can create an environment where bacteria can grow.

If you're looking for a sun tea recipe that's both safe and delicious, try making sun tea with fresh herbs or fruit slices. This adds flavor and nutrition to your sun tea while ensuring proper sanitation.

Whether you enjoy sun tea as a refreshing summer beverage or use it as an ingredient in other recipes, it's important to follow these tips for making sun tea safely and deliciously. This is how you make sun tea as safely as possible.

1. Start with clean water. It's important to use fresh, clean water when making sun tea. Preferably, this should be boiled or filtered water that has been cooled before adding it to your sun tea jar or pitcher.

2. Be aware of potential contamination. When sun tea is brewed using warm temperatures and stored in an open vessel, it can create an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria and other contaminants. Using a sun tea jar or pitcher with a lid can help keep out debris contaminating the sun tea.

It's also important to avoid letting sun tea sit at room temperature for longer than eight hours, as this can increase the risk of contamination.

3. Add your tea leaves or bags. Next, add loose-leaf tea or your favorite sun tea bags to the sun tea container and fill it with cool water.

4. Place your sun tea jar or pitcher in a location where it will be exposed to sunlight most of the day. A sunny outdoor patio or deck is ideal. If you don't have an area with direct sunlight, try placing your sun tea container in a south-facing window or on a windowsill.

5. Allow your sun tea to steep for the desired amount of time. Remove the tea leaves or bags and pour yourself a refreshing glass of sun tea.

Gold River Co. Tea Bags

The best tea bags for sun tea

To make sun tea with the best results, it's important to use the right type of tea bag. When choosing sun tea bags, look for high-quality tea. Here are some tips on choosing the best tea bags for sun tea.

Get iced tea

Remember to choose sun tea bags specifically designed for iced tea brewing. These sun tea bags will usually be black tea, but green tea works too. They can help avoid issues like the sun tea bag breaking or sinking to the bottom of your pitcher, making it much easier for you to brew a delicious sun tea every time.

If you're looking for sun tea that is delicious, aromatic, and brewed to perfection every time, then look no further than Gold River Trading Co. Iced Black Tea Bags! These tea bags are specifically designed for iced tea brewing so that they won't break or sink to the bottom of your pitcher, and they are perfect for sun tea. Whether you're looking to infuse iced sun teas with fruits like peach or berry, or just want to enjoy a more traditional Iced Tea, Gold River Trading Co. iced tea bags have you covered.

Some of our tea bag sachets, such as American Breakfast and Gunpowder Green Peach & Apricot, also make great Iced Tea.

How to sweeten

Sweet tea is a classic in the summer, although if you want to enjoy tea in the fall, there are some great recipes out there. Make sun tea sweeter by using natural sweeteners such as honey, monk fruit, agave nectar, or stevia. All of these options are healthier than white sugar and can add a subtle sweetness that complements the flavor of the tea.

All-natural options

When adding honey or agave nectar to sun tea, start with small amounts and taste as you go. These sweeteners are very concentrated, so a little bit goes a long way. If you prefer your sun tea to be more of a traditional sweet tea, add more in small increments until your desired sweetness is achieved.


Another option to make sun tea sweeter is to use fresh fruit as a natural sweetener. Adding slices of lemon, orange, or other juicy fruits to your sun tea-infusing process will impart a subtle sweetness and their natural flavors.

Whether you use sweeteners or not, a homemade sun tea recipe is a delicious and refreshing way to enjoy the warm weather. So next time the sun shines bright in the sky, break out your sun tea pitcher and start infusing!


Q: What is sun tea?

A: Sun tea is a type of tea that is brewed using the sun's natural energy instead of heat. It can be made with any tea and is often more flavorful than teas brewed by other methods. Brewing sun tea is a great hot summer day activity for tea lovers.

Q: How to make sun tea?

A: To make sun tea, fill a glass jar or pitcher with your desired type of tea and any fresh fruit or herbs you may want to infuse. Then, place the jar or pitcher in a sunny spot and let it sit for several hours until the hot water is fully infused. You can then take the tea bags out and enjoy your sun-brewed tea!

Q: What are some variations of sun tea?

A: There are many variations on sun tea, depending on the tea you use and any additional ingredients you may want to infuse. Some popular variations include lemon, ginger, or fresh mint sun tea. Additionally, make sun tea with green tea, black tea, or even herbal tea like chamomile. Whatever variation you choose, the key is to let your sun tea sit in a sunny spot until it is fully infused and ready to enjoy!

Q: How warm does it need to be to make sun tea?

A: To make sun tea, it is generally recommended that the sun be at least 70 degrees. If the sun is too cool or if it's cloudy, you may need to use a heat source like a stove or hot plate to get your sun tea to infuse properly. However, if the sun is warm enough and conditions are ideal, add your tea bags or loose leaves to a pitcher filled with water, and let it sit in the sun for several hours until the desired flavor is achieved.

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