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In 2020, we started noticing a few things about our favorite beverage brands. These big corporations—once iconic American companies—now manufacture their products outside of the U.S., costing Americans thousands of jobs, and happily betray American values at every opportunity.

In return, these companies sell us carbonated sugar water full of corn syrup and other harmful ingredients, poisoning Americans and contributing to our current epidemic of diabetes and chronic disease. If you want to stay “healthy,” they’ll sell you a “diet” beverage filled with artificial sweeteners and chemical ingredients you can’t pronounce.

This is not the American way. We are thirsting for something better—much better.

That’s why we founded Gold River Trading Co.

Tea has been a part of American history since its founding. While we don’t recommend throwing our tea into the nearest harbor, we think that you’ll enjoy celebrating America’s tea heritage with our premium specialty blends.


Our company values the unique freedoms and achievements that make our country great. Inspired by the lore of the frontier, Gold River Trading Co. celebrates the American way of life and its values. America has always been a frontier—from the moment it was discovered, to the tea-party founding of the United States. Brave American explorers forged new paths through the wild frontiers—and now discover new frontiers in space.  

Quality and Variety

At Gold River Trading Co., our first commitment is to quality. We source only the finest teas from around the world and bring them here to the New World.

We offer tea in three formats: pyramid tea bags, our family-size Iced Tea bags, and loose leaf tea:

  • Our pyramid tea bags are premium sachets that allow our whole leaf teas to expand during infusion. This maximizes the flavor, aroma, and benefits of our specialty blends. Each sachet is plastic-free, biodegradable, and brews 1-2 cups of tea.
  • Our larger, family-size tea bags make the perfect summertime refreshment. Brew a pitcher of crisp and refreshing sweet tea—or craft your favorite tea-infused cocktail. Delicious on any occasion, Gold River Iced Tea is an ice-cold American classic.
  • For an enchanting loose leaf experience, try our signature loose leaf Cacao Tea and learn why this superfood (Theobroma Cacao) is known as the “Food of the Gods.”

All of our products are blended and packed in the USA.

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Goldriver is Rebranding

Hello Friends. Goldriver is rebranding to Kindred Harvest. Our mission is to optimize the health and wellness of American Citizens. Our new brand is designed for broader appeal, but our commitment to pure ingredients and America first values are unchanged.

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