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Cacao Tea - Loose Leaf + Infuser

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Made from cacao shells, the outer portion of the cacao bean, our Cacao Tea has a rich dark chocolate flavor and aroma—without all the sugar or calories.

Cacao tea is caffeine-free, but it does contain theobromine, a mild stimulant that occurs naturally in cacao. Although cacao tea can be enjoyed throughout the day, it serves as an excellent alternative to coffee and caffeinated beverages that provide only a fleeting, jittery burst followed by a crash. For a light, gentle, more sustained boost, try our cacao tea to learn why this superfood, Theobroma Cacao, is known as “Food of the Gods.”

Bundle with our infuser and save––our spacious, stainless steel sliding infuser enables a full and flavorful loose leaf infusion. Perfect for steeping our loose leaf Cacao Tea.

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